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Golf Gift Ideas
Christmas is just around the corner and you may be looking for some new equipment, so I thought I would go over some of the important things to look for.


If you are a beginner, just about any ball will do as long as the cover is not cut, scraped or dented. Stay away from soft-covered balls as they are more expensive and easily ruined by a slightly poor golf swing. Better golfers have a choice between more feel around the greens and longer distance, and there are numerous brands from which you can choose.


When shopping for a glove there are two factors to consider: Feel -- which is translated into a softer thinner glove of caberetta leather, and Durability -- more readily found in a synthetic material with double thickness in the most likely areas of wear. If your glove gets hard or slippery in any way (usually caused by sweat), it is time for a new glove. Make sure you look after it by storing it in a zip-lock bag after you are done using it.


There are a number of different grips to choose from with distinctly different feels. The main thing to consider is if your current grips are hard, smooth-worn in areas or cracking, you need new grips right away. The grip is the only real routine maintenance on your clubs other than cleaning them. Every six months to a year, depending on how much you play, you should look into getting new grips.


There are countless brands of equipment, and the only real way to determine what clubs will be good for you is to be fitted for them. However, if you do not want to do this, the only requirement that I believe is standard for all is the design of the club head. I believe that all golfers should have perimeter weighted cavity back irons, and large headed steel or titanium woods. The length, weight, shaft flex, lie angle, loft, shaft material and club head material are truly individual matches to individual swings.


The only real requirements I have for a shoe is that the sole is wider than the upper material and that the heel is not raised up too high. Comfort is the most important factor, regardless of price. Also, keeping them in good condition will make them last longer. Once you have a good pair of golf shoes, look after them.

Other than hats and sunscreen you have it all. I base my information purely on what I believe assists golfers in playing the game better with more enjoyment. Each of my suggestions has an underlying reason I did not go into. For example: slippery grips cause golfers to increase grip pressure which leads to manipulating the golf club which causes shorter more errant shots. I do not benefit by selling equipment and therefore have no need to sell you a particular brand. I have a fitting system and would be happy to fit you for any and all of your equipment, and just because I use a particular brand of fitting system does not mean you have to buy that brand of club. The choice will always be yours unless you ask for my opinion and that is exactly what it is.

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