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Using Local Golf Pros
As a golf professional working with students of different skill levels with different goals for self-improvement, it never ceases to amaze me that the techniques that they have been using are all sound theoretic practices.

However, our own interpretation of the same theories can greatly vary. Yet each golfer can still make his interpretation work to a degree, just like the information that I provide in these articles. Some will understand it one way and others another way. Golf is a unique game, and it allows for vast variations of technique. This is because the way in which you get that little ball into that little hole is not nearly as important as how many shots it took.

Golf is always associated with life and the similarities that both maintain -- the obstacles, the hazards, the peaks and valleys of success and enjoyment. So even though each of our life choices are different and the way in which we achieve success is similarly individual, we must allow history to teach us that successful patterns can increase our percentages for success.

At this point, I would like to introduce the Historian, a student of successful practices and teacher of proven techniques. The golf professional says "Through training by the PGA of America and years of experience, you have a wealth of knowledge here in this town -- Cocopah Bend, Desert Hills, Dove Valley, Foothills Par 3, Mesa Del Sol and the Yuma Golf and Country Club. Golf is a wonderful game when you can learn to enjoy it in its entirety. Your local golf professionals can help you to do that."

Good luck in golf and life, and remember...

When tackling a difficult task, read the instructions briefly, then ask someone who knows how to do it to explain what you have just read.

 ©1999 Craig Hocknull
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