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Lessons From Youth
Who would ever have thought golf would become as popular as it has? We recently started our Pure Vision Golf Junior Achievement Program. We had thirty junior golfers ready to learn the game over the course of five weeks, and only two of them attended high school. This was great, as we know when high school tryouts were held that year, there were approximately sixty high schoolers there. The program will continue to grow and service more juniors within the community as time progresses. Community sponsorship is needed, as the numbers grow with every victory by Tiger Woods. Our goal is to provide a fun, year-round golf program that will give families another option when it comes to youth sports. I would like to thank everyone who has assisted us in making this program a success, and would like to encourage others to join in the swing of things.

I would like to offer some words of wisdom that came about when addressing the juniors in the program. The reason why we make the game of golf so frustrating, yet so exciting in the same day, is because we are constantly making adjustments with our swings. So truthfully, we just get lucky. However, at the same time that we change our swings and thoughts from shot to shot, we are wondering how we can play more consistently. I'll let you figure that out in depth.

All I have to offer is a simple broad opinion. Take a golf club in your hand and hold a golf ball right up to the face as if the ball was striking it perfectly centered at impact. Now move the ball away from the perfect impact position two inches in any direction. If this adjustment represents a bad shot or a complete miss, and the previous position represents a perfect shot, ask yourself this question: "Why do I get so frustrated when I am two inches off target after swinging a three-inch club head over a distance of ten feet?" Take the game for what it is - tricky -- and accept that hitting the ball at all is an accomplishment. All that is left is the fine-tuning. So, remember that every bad shot is about as close to a good shot as it's going to get without being one.

Fact For The Day

Today's superstars like Tiger Woods or Greg Norman may not blink an eye while signing multi-million dollar endorsement deals, but golf professionals had it different a few years ago. When you turn the clock back, Byron Nelson earned a grand total of $182,000 for his entire career in 1945 after an amazing streak of eleven consecutive tournament wins. This phenomenal feat did, however, earn him a place on the Wheaties box with a handsome check for $200, which came about only after the seventh or eighth victory in a row.

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