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Attitude is Everything
It was brought to my attention by a sports psychologist a number of years ago that attitude is everything. We talked for several hours between rounds at a tournament, and after two days, before I headed back to campus, she presented me with a black hat that said "Attitude is Everything."

I accepted the hat and the encouragement with a grain of salt. However, I did listen because now, when I look back, it amazes me how much really sunk in. She helped me to look at all three sides of the coin. I learned the importance of an open mind and a true heart.

However, what I would like to pass on today is something that has helped me to grasp the entire meaning of that well-worded hat. We all get consumed at times by something, and, if you are reading this, it might just be golf.

So, whatever it is, let's all say these words: "Attitude is Everything." OK! What changed? My bet is nothing, just like when I did it a few years ago. The problem is that if "attitude is everything," how do we achieve "everything" if we don't know what kind of attitude we need?

The answer is to have a positive attitude with all that we do. So don't look at what consumes your attention and adopt a foolproof attitude that works for Jordan, McGuire or Woods. Find your own attitude and let it help you play the Game of Life better, before you take it to the course.


If you compromise your values to succeed, you may win a little, but you will lose a lot.

 ©1999 Craig Hocknull
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