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Golf Lingo: Posture
Even though there are still several terms that are valuable to good communication between teacher and student, I am going to end this series today.


Spine Angle: A valuable term to understand. Spine angle is discussed when the teacher is explaining the correct degree of forward lean a player should have. This lean comes from a tilting of the hips, in such a way that the spine is angled either vertically or horizontally. The correct spine angle or degree of tilt is approximately 45 degrees.

Knee Flex: A term that describes the amount that the knees are bent or straightened. It is important to have the correct knee flex to ensure balance and power in the swing.

Athletic position: Is the overall appearance of the golfer from an outsider. Anyone can look at a golfer and see if they stand to hit the ball athletically. Just look down the range next time you are there -- does that person look tight and stiff as if they are trying to hatch an egg, or do they look relaxed and appear to be rhythmically moving?. You be the judge!!

Shoulder, Hip and Knee alignment: Often this part of your game is neglected. The golf swing works best when each part of your body is working together in harmony with the other. This means having your shoulders, hips and knees lined up parallel to your feet.

Balls of your feet: This is the part of the foot that is often the widest. It's not quite your arch or your toes. It is only logical that when trying to keep good balance we should spend most of our time here. Not only that, it makes us feel a little lighter and more athletic.

I hope that these terms have been interesting and enlightening.

I heard a lot of good things over the last few weeks of playing tournaments and I would like to share them with you. When asked how you played, you might like to respond by saying "good." Why, you ask? It's simple, every day and every round are good, they just fall under a different part of good. Another thing to ask yourself is "Am I satisfied when I have tried my best?" If the answer is "yes," then every time you go to play, give yourself a score depending on whether you tried your best or not. I suggest starting at zero and just adding on points for each time you didn't try your best. Because if being satisfied with your game is your main objective, then your goal should be a perfect "0."

Good luck in golf and life, and remember...

Remember Master Luke, if you chase the ball you will spend a lifetime being dragged through the hazards of life. You must move it with your mind! Use the force! -- Yoda

 ©1999 Craig Hocknull
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