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The Swing Plane
One of the most common swing flaws at every level of competency in this game is incorrect swing plane. The swing plane is created when the club completes a full rotation around the body. This can be visualized easily by picturing the blades of a helicopter as it spins. The three-dimensional plane of the blades is horizontal to the ground at take off. Then the plane alters its angle as the helicopter moves in a forward manner. The spinning becomes slanted as to spin more vertically, maybe a 45-degree angle.

In a golf swing, the correct plane is created when your arms move around your body on the back swing and follow through at a 45-degree angle. If you stand behind someone hitting, take your club and make a straight line with it from the ball through their shoulder closest to you. This is the plane that this person should swing on in order to make a smooth passage back to the ball. When you accomplish this, you will be able to maximize your swing speed and timing to hit the ball further and straighter.

The golf swing can be made simplest if you are able to begin your swing from the correct position. This position is achieved by first standing tall with your hands by your side, looking straight out in front with your feet shoulder width apart. From this position, bend from the hips, keeping your knees locked back. Relax your shoulders and allow your hands to swing forward and hang directly down from your shoulders. Now clasp your hands together as if to grip a club. From this position, bend your knees slightly to relieve pressure from your lower back. This position may feel different but it should feel easy on the body. When you go to hit the ball remember to go through this process. It is a good idea to look at this position in the mirror and compare it to a professional's in a book. However, to have a professional look at it for you would help tremendously.

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Good luck in golf and life, and remember...

"We all know that the putt that came up short did not go in. However, we also know that the putt that went past did not go in either." -- Bobby Jones.

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