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Golf Lingo: Club Terms
I would like to continue on from last week, as good communication between teacher and student is important. Here are a few key terms that are heard during a typical lesson.


Upright vs. Flat Lie Angle: The club, when it is set on the ground correctly with the grip end in a semi-vertical position, indicates how upright the lie angle is. Take out your putter and your driver. Then set them on the ground correctly, and beside each other. You will notice that the putter has a more upright lie angle than the driver. This angle varies through the set and from player to player. Hence, the importance of correct instruction and club fitting.

Loft: This is the angle or height change in the flight of the ball. Just think of the loft as the height of the shot. A 2 iron has a lower loft than a 9 iron.

Face: This is the portion of the club head that strikes the ball.

Flange: This is the back portion of the club that is designed to provide the club head with some weight. It is the bulge on your sand wedge.

Bounce: This term is given to the portion of the sole and flange of the club that essentially makes the club head bounce or skid under the ball when it is struck at. This bounce on a sand wedge is the secret to its efficiency when playing out of the sand. Instead of digging into the sand, it skids under it and throws the ball out, which is a great reason to own a sand wedge. Oh! One sand play tip -- If you can't get out of the sand trap ... hit it harder!

Correct Soling of the Club: The base or sole of the club is easily remembered by picturing the club head as a "Foot" at the end of the shaft, or "Leg." When you sole the club correctly, you position the club as flat as you can on its sole. The sole is most often where the number is. Many golfers do this incorrectly, which results in a poor set up.

Heel: Continue to picture the club as a foot and leg. The heel is the portion of the club head that is closest to the shaft. The position of your heel on your foot and the heel of the club are similar.

Toe: The toe of the club is also easy to find when using this foot example. It is the farthest point on the club away from the grip, or the top of the "Leg."

There is still more to come. Don't forget these definitions as I will be doing a quiz at the end of this series of articles. By the way, I just know what they are, I didn't name them.

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