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Equipment Shopping
I was stopped this week at the golf course by a lady who was concerned about the specifications of her equipment and whether or not they were the right weight, length, loft, lie, swing weight, shaft flex, offset enough or overall too heavy. Well, I said, as I took a deep breath. It is very true that the variations of equipment can be confusing; however, if you have expert guidance when selecting your equipment it is a much less daunting experience.

Looking for the right golf club is like shopping for a car in regard to the different options and prices. However, the one very big difference is that each golf shop has access to almost every brand of equipment and they are usually not set on selling you a particular brand. Let me just list a few of the options that are available in almost every brand of equipment, and then you can circle the ones you like or believe in. This will drastically narrow down the options. Remember, if you get fitted by a professional, there may be a few adjustments or guidelines to fall into.

Club Head Styles Irons & Woods Putters

Blade. Offset. Perimeter Weighted. Sole Weighted. Face Balanced (putters only). Oversize. Midsize. Tour Model. Deep Face. Low Profile. Then, there are degrees of open or closed and of bulge and roll. Mallet. Alpha Marageing.

Club Head Materials Irons, Woods & Putters

Steel. Copper. Brass. Titanium. Tungsten. Carbite. Graphite. Nickel. Wood (Persimmon Block or Laminated). Chevalier. Ceramic. Metal Alloy.

Club Head Configurations Irons, Woods & Putters

Bulge and Roll. Grooveless. Square Grooves. V-Grooves. Upright Lie. Flat Lie. Standard Lie. Anti-slice Face. Anti-hook Face. Square Face. Thick Top Line. Thin Top Line. Heavy. Standard. Light. Roll Face. Weak Loft. Strong Loft. Standard Loft.

Club Shaft Styles Irons, Woods & Putters

Bubble. Hump. Muscle. Fat. Tapered Tip. Parallel Tip. Rifle. Sensicore. Frequency Matched. Extra Long.

Club Shaft Materials Irons, Woods & Putters

Wood. Aluminum. Steel. Graphite. Boron Graphite. Titanium.

Club Shaft Flexes Irons, Woods & Putters

Extra Stiff. Stiff. Regular. Senior. Ladies. The different companies have their own unique way of saying the same thing, such as TS-100. S-90+. S-90. R-80. There are many more variations, but they are easily interchangeable.

If I happened to miss any, I apologize. As you can see, there are several different options with different prices. There has to be the right match in here for you, but you can't really tell unless you have a professional fit you. Just because you are a certain age or height, you shouldn't buy the equipment that is made standard for such a person. The process is slightly complicated, but when done correctly you will have the perfect clubs matched to your height, strength, flexibility and, most importantly, your technique. You know that all techniques are different. That is why there are so many options in equipment.

Have any questions about your equipment? I, as well as the other golf pros in town, will be glad to help you. If you feel like getting fitted for clubs, please don't wait. The day that you do will be the day you will feel content with your equipment and you will be free to play.

 ©1999 Craig Hocknull
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